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Maintenance Engine

    Engine Maintenance

    The main business of Beomchang Co., Ltd. is to disassemble, repair, and maintain the diesel engines installed in ships and combat vehicles, and to assemble and paint power generator engine parts (MTU, B&W CUMMINS, and CRM engines).

    Business Areas: Maintenance Team 1

    Disassembly Maintenance Service of the parts of the Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines, including MTU V1163, V538, V2000, V956, V396, and V183

    • V1163 ENGINE W-5 REPAIR
    • 16V2000 / 4000 ENGINE SUB REPAIR
    • V538 ,V956,V396 ENGINE SUB PART REPAIR
    • Army Combat Vehicle (MB871)ENGINE SUB PART REPAIR
    • Land and Marine Engine COOLER REPAIR

    High-pressure Washing & Painting of Various Civilian Ship Engine Blocks

    Business Areas: Maintenance Team 2
    Maintenance of the Engines of the Self-propelled Guns in Korea Army and Marine Corps

    • Disassembly Maintenance Service of 8V71T ENGINE , the Main Engine of K-55,and K-77 Self-Propelled Gun & Armored Vehicle